Our values are timeless beauty, 

reviving European wisdom and high-quality sustainability.

Song of Aether was born out of an intimate connection with spirit and matter and a fond love for plants and people.
The mysticism and evanescence of smell and the soulful songs of plants captured my imagination and whispered deep into my heart. 
Therefore I strive to bring you a deep and nourishing connection with the plant realms through the beauty, love and power of their presences expressed through their smells, stories and their tender gifts of being.

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Hello, my name is Ivy. I create unique fragrances in my atelier in Vienna, lovingly guided by the quirky, tender and wise personalities of the plant kingdom and with loyalty to the ancient art of European alchemy. All perfumes at Song of Aether are formulated with spagyric tinctures, and, every scent integrates wisdom from the art of aromatherapy in order to make you feel great. 
With every bottle, you receive an old folk tale and some practical herbal wisdom about the protagonist of your chosen perfume. 

It is important for me to use only the highest quality materials, which are sustainable and ethically sourced. I don't use any endangered plants nor animal essences, and I limit the use of plants which grow outside of Europe. Therefore, Song of Aether is a cruelty and chemical-free line.

For every bottle sold, we plant three trees at the Dragon's Nest farm in Iceland. Tree species planted in the forest include Downy Birch, Lodgepole Pine, Sitka Spruce, and Black Cottonwood. We also donate 10% of our monthly profits to projects of Rewilding Europewho work to make Europe a wilder place.

"The craft of botanical perfume holds the seeds of alchemy, herbalism, aromatherapy and the arts, whilst serving the Earth and positively affecting the human being." - Roxana Villa

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